The Suggestion For Fighting Cheating in Chess

Время публикации: 29.10.2012 23:03 | Последнее обновление: 30.10.2012 00:02

1) Banning the live transmission of the games (transmission permitted with one hour delay with). Now most of the chess websites offer their readers live transmission of the games, which are supported by the computer analysis (with the assessment of the position, best moves). Several seconds and you can cheat. The computers and phones are available everywhere and everyone can have them. The player may come to the game without any of the abovementioned devices, but he will find a way to cheat. For example, he may find the computer with the Internet access in the hall of the hotel, the spectators also may have them...

Banning the live transmission of the games will prevent 90% of cheating.

2) Complete banning of having computers, phones and other devices in the playing hall. The loss should be automatically registered for the player who will violate the rule - doesn't matter was he/she using any electronic device or not. It should also be prohibited the usage fo the electronic devices by the player in 15-30 minutes after the game. The player finishes the game and starts calling someone immediately - this means he had a phone during the game. The game should be declared lost for him too.   

3) Heavy sanctions for the proven cheating - Disqualification for 10 years without the right to play in any chess tournaments anywhere in the world. 

4) The arbiters should be given the unlimited power of checking the bags and pockets of all players regardless his/her rating and title. The arbiter may check the suspected player on a demand of several other players. Each tournament regulation should have a paragraph stating the player taking part in it agrees on such checking if necessary.

If any of this kind of interference with his/her privacy will not suit him/her. The player may just not participate in the tournament!

Adopting all these rules may almost completely eliminate cheating in chess. It will also let fair players to play without worrying if their opponent is not cheating.

It will also help to elude the scandals and misunderstandings during the tournaments which became frequent recently! 


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