Yury Dokhoyan on the Russian National Team's Performance at the Olympiad: "Tomashevsky Failed to Maintain the High Level"

Время публикации: 24.10.2012 21:48 | Последнее обновление: 24.10.2012 22:01

Yury Dokhoyan, the head coach of the Russian national team gave an interview to R-Sport and talked about the performance of the team at the recent Olympiad:

"We didn't have the 5th player. No matter how solid was the team, each of its members supplemented big organism, each gave a boost to it. Jakovenko started the play, Sasha Grischuk has joined, Kramnik followed, finally, Seryezha Karjakin, but Zhenya Tomashevsky failed to maintain the high level. So, we had to play on an "Armenian" scheme, when four players drag the entire team. [...] The armenian team plays out the Olympiads with four players, but this is already a tradition for them. They stand up to this tempo. We faced a stockade of decisive clashes and felt tired to the 9th round. So, we had that crushing match against German team only after we get our breath back again."

Dokhoyan once again explained the reason why Svidler wasn't taken in the team:

"The fact is that I knew his results in the national team, however, I wasn't aware of how he could play in the team under my leadership. If looking over Petya's recent results in the team, one can see that they weren't optimal although he is a unique player. Peter couldn't play in the training match against China in St. Petersburg, I personally couldn't dot all i's, so I had to take people who seemed to be in a good shape according to that clash. Anyway, the character of Svidler's problems is clear and it should be worked on during the joint team preparation process." 


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