Ashot Vardapetyan is Sure the Olympiad in Baku Will Be Held at the Highest Level

Время публикации: 23.10.2012 22:41 | Последнее обновление: 23.10.2012 22:46

Ashot Vardapetyan, Deputy Chief Arbiter at the European Club Cup in Eilat and the Vice-President of the Armenian Chess Federation, gave an interview to the website addressing kind words to the Azerbaijani Chess Federation (ACF). The topic was raised in connection to the Olympiad-2016 which will take place in Baku. 

"I absolutely agree that the ACF has the right to hold chess Olympiad and all achievements of Azerbaijani chess only confirm this right, - Vardapetyan said. -  the great successes of the Azerbaijani players, brilliant results of your players at the Junior competitions as well as development of chess in the country in general is just a part of all the achievements that Azerbaijan has in this area. I personally know several directors of the Azerbaijani clubs and I know they are getting a significant financial support. The competitions are usually visited by the large Azerbaijani delegations. It would be wrong to stop the progress that is taking place in Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan undoubtedly deserves the right of holding the World Chess Olympiad, moreover, I predict that the Olympiad will be held at the highest possible level. I can even say I'm sure in that.

On the other hand, there are some well known conflicts between our countries which lead to the situation as the one that took place at the FIDE Congress held in Istanbul. Starting from 1996 a lot of important events took place in Armenia, those were Olympiad, World and European Junior Championships just to name few, however, Azerbaijani players never visited any of them. That's despite that Armenian side was ready to guarantee their safety. [...] Nevertheless, Azerbaijani delegations have never come to Armenia.

First of all we still have 4 years till the Olympiad in Baku. Let's hope that the problems between our countries will be settled by that time. We may not have completely friendly relations, however, we can have at least diplomatic contacts improved. For example, last time I've visited Baku was in 1987, I was the Head of the Erevan delegation and we went there for the Championship of the capitals of Transcaucasia. It's 25 years I haven't been there, the same is true for my Azerbaijani colleagues who had quite tight connection with our players at that time. I would be very glad if Azerbaijani players would participate in the European Individual championship which will take place in Erevan in 2014.

Especially when Azerbaijan has a lot of talented players apart from Teimour Radjabov, Shakhriyar Mamedyarov and Vugar Gashimov. Namely, two of them played at the European Club Cup. If they won't play at the Continental Championship 2014, they may lose the chance to qualify for the next cycle of the World Championship. So, I hope that we will manage to settle the conflict not just before 2016, but close to 2014 in order to be able to host the Azerbaijani players in Armenia. By the way, I want to use this chance and wish Vugar Gashimov quick recovery. He is a very talented player and I would be really sorry if he will be absent in the chess world for a long time." 


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