Mahir Mammadov, the Director of SOCAR Told How Gadir Guseinov Made Correct Calculations

Время публикации: 18.10.2012 19:30 | Последнее обновление: 15.02.2013 19:16

Mahir Mammadov, the Director of SOCAR-Azerbaijan shared his impressions on his team's victory in the European Club Cup with

"All of our players are well known. All of them fitted in with each other and showed themselves as a great team players. By the way, Shakhriyar Mamedyarov's win in the last round, which set the pitch for the crushing victory we gained over Tomsk, was the result of collective brainstorming that took place yesterday. None of the players spare no effort to help each other by showing personal knowledge and their opening ideas. So, the variant I saw yesterday at the team meeting helped Mamedyarov to defeat his rival. It is great to see how the strongest players analyze together and help each other. So, first of all we created a team in this competition."

The Director also told that before the last round two reserve players Eltaj Safarli and Gadir Guseinov calculated the tie-break:

"Before the last round Eltaj Safarli and Gadir Guseinov, as well known masters of counting the points, got the task to calculate the online results and keep us informed. The fact was that we needed to count not only results of our team against the rivals, but the results of our opponents, as well as to take into consideration dozen of other factors. Gadir is quite experienced in that, he has been doing that at the previous tournaments, which always amazed me a lot. According to calculations, either we or St.Petersburg team was becoming the winner. At some point all the players who have played against our rivals disappointed us. For instance, one of them could checkmate in 2-3 moves, however, he managed to lose the game."

"Our team did its best in order to win and in the last round we gained a brilliant win over one of the main challengers for the cup. This kind of crushing win, especially when the round has started at 10:30 local time is obviously fascinating."


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