Veselin Topalov: "I Can't Say This Is a New Level As Mr. Paulson Has Promised"

Время публикации: 03.10.2012 23:09 | Последнее обновление: 03.10.2012 23:22

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М.YURENOK: Veselin congratulations on winning the tournament.


М.YURENOK: You shared the first place, but I was told you will get the Cup.

V.TOPALOV: Oh, I see...

М.YURENOK: You had a better tie-break.

V.ТОPALOV: Well, it just happened so. I don't feel like I've been playing better or worse than others, I was just a bit luckier in the end - I won the game and the tie-break turned out to be better. 

М.YURENOK: It seemed that nothing should have happened in today's game, but I guess Anish tried to change something, which affected the result...

V.ТОPАLОV: Yes, I guess he thought he had to play for a win, while the position was completely equal. So, he started doing one mistake after another.  

М.YURENOK: Do you hope to win the overall series?

V.TOPALOV: Honestly, I don't even know the regulations. Does the three-way tie mean that we all received the same amount of Grand Prix points? 

М.YURENOK: Yes, you did.

V.TOPALOV: So, I'm only one of the leaders and five more tournaments are ahead. It's too early to talk about that.

М.YURENOK: You won the tournament after a long pause. How do you feel? 

V.TOPALOV: Well...  I don't consider this to be my biggest win. I don't think it's a win at all. Of course it's pleasant to know that my play was respectively balanced. 

М.YURENOK: You haven't lost a game!

V.ТОPALOV: Yes, but I'm only one of those who also didn't lose a single game. So, it's not an outstanding achievement. Anyways - it's pleasant. I missed a win against Wang Hao, but I was lucky in the encounters against Dominguez and Giri. "+3" is a good result, especially if taking into consideration quality of my play and positions I was getting.    

М.YURENOK: Do you have any fan club here? The coach? I saw Silvio Danailov has arrived...

V.TOPALOV: He arrived with the family as a tourist. We didn't have preparations together, he didn't even follow the games that much. 

М.YURENOK: Did you have time for taking a look at London?

V.TOPALOV: Not really. Of course I would like to visit it as a tourist and if I could manage that I'd like to live in the Hotel Savoy. 

М.YURENOK: Sure, it's a great place.

V.TOPALOV: Yes, it's clear this is the best location in London.

М.YURENOK: In general, did you like the organization of the competition? 

V.TOPALOV: I liked the venue. As regards to the organization - I should say I don't see the difference between the organization by AGON and others. I liked it more in Astana for example. It was seen that everything was arranged at a state level. While here - it was just an ordinary Hotel... I haven't lived in a three-star hotel for a long time already. There wasn't any audience. I don't know about the Media interest because I haven't read anything during the competition, but for instance if such tournament was held in Bulgaria, it would definitely be visited at least by the city Mayor or the Minister of Sports. No one came here. I mean I can't say this is a new level as Mr. Paulson has promised. As I know AGON is not connected with the tournament that should take place in Uzbekistan, because the agreement was signed long before the company appeared. So, I don't see any changes at the moment. 

М.YURENOK: Did you have any special preparation for this tournament? 

V.TOPALOV: Actually, the Olympiad has just finished and I think that most of the players including me didn't have much time for preparations. Just an ordinary preparation. Well, there are a lot of people at the Olympiad, you usually see a lot of friends, which takes much time, while here I was alone, so I could concentrate on the games.  

М.YURENOK: So your coach wasn't here?

V.TOPALOv: Well, I of course contacted him in the Internet. There was a person who was helping me here. 

М.YURENOK: Would you tell us who was that? 

V.TOPALOV: I would of course prefer not to name him. I don't think we showed any super-novelties here, however, I believe that I managed to show interesting openings in couple of games. 

М.YURENOK: Thank you and congratulations!


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