"Draws Are Not Quite as Much Fun"

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Hikaru Nakamura misses win in Round 3 of the Grand Prix London 

"Winning is fun, losing is fun. Playing interesting games of chess with both colours is what makes it all worthwhile."

This is what Hikaru Nakamura wrote after two decisive games right at the start of the competition - he lost against Gelfand in Round 1 and then gained a win over Kasimdzhanov in the 2nd round.

Today American was close to confirm of reputation of the most uncompromising player of the tournament: he gained a winning position in the rook endgame against Peter Leko. It was only left to disprove Siegbert Tarrasch's famous theory.


The picture of the Nalimov table was made in the press center of the competition. Nakamura who was sitting in the next room hardly knew that he could win this position in 5 different ways. However, he chose the move which led to the draw: 61.Rb7. Later Leko didn't give him another chance for gaining the point.

The opponents spent a lot of time on sharing different ideas after the game. On a question if he dedicates special time on studying rook endgames, Nakamura answered: "Sometimes, not often."

Peter Leko noted that he could play this kind of endgame with eyes closed when he was younger: "But now after 6 hours of fight - it is hard. I understood that I was losing and I was sure that my rival thought the same. But he didn't win - well, anything can happen. Even such a master of endgames as Gelfand blundered on a tie-break in the match against Anand..."

"The good, the bad and the really, really ugly finish. Draws are not quite as much fun.."  Nakamura wrote on his Twitter page several minutes ago.

[Event "1st FIDE GP London 2012"] [Site "London ENG"] [Date "2012.09.23"] [Round "3.4"] [White "Nakamura, Hikaru"] [Black "Leko, Peter"] [Result "1/2-1/2"] [ECO "A05"] [Opening "Reti"] [Variation "King's Indian attack"] [EventDate ""] 1. Nf3 Nf6 2. g3 g6 3. Bg2 Bg7 4. O-O O-O 5. c4 c6 6. b3 Ne4 7. d4 d5 8. Bb2 Bf5 9. Nbd2 Nd7 10. Nh4 Nxd2 11. Qxd2 Be6 12. e4 dxe4 13. Bxe4 Bh3 14. Rfe1 Qc7 15. Nf3 Nf6 16. Bc2 Rad8 17. Qe3 Rfe8 18. Bc3 Qc8 19. Rad1 Bf5 20. Bxf5 Qxf5 21. Kg2 Qc8 22. h3 Qc7 23. Qe5 Nd5 24. Qxc7 Nxc7 25. Ba5 Rd7 26. Ne5 Bxe5 27. dxe5 Red8 28. Rxd7 Rxd7 29. Bxc7 Rxc7 30. Rd1 c5 31. g4 a6 32. Kf3 Kg7 33. Ke4 f6 34. Rd8 Kf7 35. Rh8 Kg7 36. Rd8 Kf7 37. Rh8 Kg7 38. Rb8 Kf7 39. Kd5 fxe5 40. Kxe5 b5 41. Kd5 bxc4 42. Kxc4 Rd7 43. Ra8 Rd2 44. Rxa6 Rc2+ 45. Kb5 h5 46. gxh5 gxh5 47. h4 Rxf2 48. a4 Rb2 49. Kc4 e5 50. Rh6 e4 51. Rxh5 Rc2+ 52. Kd5 Rc3 53. Rh7+ Kf6 54. Kxe4 Rxb3 55. Kd5 Ra3 56. Ra7 Rh3 57. Rh7 Ra3 58. Ra7 Rh3 59. a5 Rxh4 60. Kxc5 Rh1 61. Rb7 Ke6 62. Rg7 Rc1+ 63. Kb6 Kd6 64. Kb7 Rb1+ 65. Kc8 Rh1 66. Rg6+ Kc5 67. Kb7 Kb5 68. Rg5+ Kb4 69. a6 Rh7+ 70. Kb6 Rh6+ 71. Kb7 Rh7+ 72. Kb6 Rh6+ 73. Kb7 Rh7+ 1/2-1/2 

The satndings after Round 3: Leko, Gelfand and Mamedyarov share the lead with 2 points each. 
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Round 4 will take place on Monday 17:00 MSK Time.


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