Maria Yurenok: "This Was a Chess Center of Europe in XIX Century"

Время публикации: 22.09.2012 22:18 | Последнее обновление: 22.09.2012 23:31

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Our correspondent Maria Yurenok reports from London:

"The Grand Prix London is held in a very traditional chess place Simpson's-in-the-Strand. It became very famous as a chess place in XIX century because all those top masters of that period were playing here: Lasker, Steinitz, Zukertort, Morphy, Chigorin and others. There was a very famous game here Anderssen – Kieseritzky played in 1951. It became famous because there were a lot of sacrifices from Andersen’s side. That’s why so many people know about it. Andersen actually won the tournament that was held at that time. There were a lot of international tournaments held here, but in XX century chess kind of disappeared from Simpsons and it kind of got re-instated mainly in the year 2003 and later on because there were several Stauton Memorials held here and  Stauton was a famous English master from XIX century who is also considered to be an unofficial world champion. So it’s not surprising that the Grand Prix is held in this place."

You can take a look at the exclusive pictures from the spot. 


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