Аssociation of Chess Professionals Recommends Changing of the Time Control Used in the World Championship Cycle

Время публикации: 20.09.2012 01:13 | Последнее обновление: 20.09.2012 10:07

The Association of Chess Professionals (ACP) has conducted a survey (composed of 4 questions) among Top 30 players in the world (as of 1 July 2012) about the time control in classic, rapid and blitz World Championships. 28 players have answered: Adams Michael, Anand Viswanathan, Aronian Levon, Bologan Viktor, Carlsen Magnus, Caruana Fabiano, Dominguez Perez Leinier, Fressinet Laurent, Gashimov Vugar, Gelfand Boris, Grischuk Alexander, Ivanchuk Vassily, Jakovenko Dmitry, Jobava Baadur, Kamsky Gata, Karjakin Sergey, Kramnik Vladimir, Leko Peter, Mamedyarov Shakhriyar, Nakamura Hikaru, Nepomniachtchi Ian, Ponomariov Ruslan, Radjabov Teimour, Riazantsev Alexander, Svidler Peter, Tomashevsky Evgeny, Wang Hao, Wojtaszek Radoslaw.

Question 1: Which of the following 2 time controls should be used in final stages of World Championship Cycles? 

a) 120'/40+60'/20+(15'/SD+30")
b) (100'/40+50'/20+15'/SD)+30" 

А - 9 votes
B - 17 votes
1 player equally liked both proposals1 player was against both proposals.

Question 2:  The following 2 rapid time controls are widely used. Which of them should be used in World Rapid Championships?
a) 15'+10"
b) 25'+10"

А - 8 votes
B - 19 votes
1 player was against both proposals.

Question 3: The following 3 blitz time controls are widely used. Which of them should be used in World Blitz Championships? Please sort the possibilities from best to worst.
a) 5'
b) 3'+2"
c) 4'+2"

Answer A: 2 first places; 2,5 second places; 23,5 third places
Answer B: 16 first places; 9,5 second places; 2,5 third places
Answer C: 10 first places; 16 second places; 2 third places

Remark: 0,5 arises when a player doesn't give a preference between 2 possibilities. 

Question 4:  The following 5 time controls are widely used for sudden death games. Please sort them from best to worst.
a) 5'-4'
b) 6'-5'
c) (4'-3')+1"
d) (5'-4')+1"
e) (5'/60-4'/60) + (0'/SD+3")


Not all out of 28 players answered that question.The opinions were widely spread, however it is still possible to take a conclusion, that the option 5'-4' (white has 5 minutes, black has 4 minutes; white has to win) was clearly preferable, whereas all other 4 options were at more or less the same level of support.

Based on the obtained results the ACP recommends:

1) to change the official time control used in the World Championship match/tournament, Candidates matches, Grand Prix to:

(100'/40+50'/20+15'/SD)+30" - 100 minutes for 40 moves, followed by 50 minutes for 20 moves, followed by 15 minutes, with an increment of 30 seconds starting from move 1

2) to use in the World Rapid Championship:
25'+10" - 25 minutes for a game with 10 seconds increment

3) to use in World Blitz Championship:
3'+2" - 3 minutes for a game with 2 seconds increment

4) to use 5'-4' (white has 5 minutes, black has 4 minutes; white has to win) for sudden death games.

Let us remind you that the first stage of the Grand Prix 2012/2013 starts today with a time control not recommended by ACP, namely 120'/40+60'/20+(15'/SD+30").


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