Another "Relatively Fair Way of Obtaining Money"

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The organizers of the Olympiad earned on a book content of which is copied from the Internet  

The team forum held recently in Istanbul, Turkey was named the "Business-Olympiad" right from the time it started. The organizers didn't find as many ways of "relatively fair stealing of money" as Ostap Bender, however, most of the ways they used were quite sophisticated - for instance collecting 100 Euros from journalists only for allowing them to do their job - covering Olympiad.

Daaim Shabazz, journalist of the website, atttended the Olympiad and sent his colleagues a letter revealing another business of the organizers. Shabazz saw a book "Chess Olympiads & Istanbul" on sale and after looking through found out that the content looked much like of that he has seen on

"So, admittedly, I bought a copy for 28 euros, - Shabazz writes. - and immediately went to to check a couple of pages and voila… cut and paste… entry after entry (with very minor changes). Practically every entry on the Olympiad was taken from and packaged into a nice book. Historic photos have been added however. "

The journalist contacted the author of the webpage Woijtek Bartelski asking if he gave permission for using his materials. Shabazz got the negative answer.

According to Daaim Shabazz, 85-90% of the texts used in the book are copied from, moreover, we are talking about copied introductory texts written by Bartelski, not the statistics. Here's only one example:


A page from the book "Chess Olympiads & Istanbul"

This book has an endorsement from Ali Nihat Yazici and is said to be compiled by Hayri Ozbilen and Dr. M. Sabri Kocak.

* * *

It should also be noted that Daaim Shabazz is one of the few journalists who didn't keep silence on the outrage of the organizers of the Olympiad regarding the Surov case, when Evgeny Surov wasn't allowed to enter the playing hall not only as a journalist, but as the spectator too. Shabazz covered that on his website during the Olympiad, while now he reminds of the idea of FIDE to create special committee which would make decisions on accreditation of any journalist who wants to work at the tournaments organized under the aegis of FIDE. In connection with this the author suggests creating a journalistic organization (even if it would be only a network) in which the representatives of chess media would be able to work together in order to resist controversial and sometimes blatantly illegal actions of the International chess federation. 


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