"Peace Treaty With FIDE" Is A Great Exaggeration

Время публикации: 14.09.2012 18:53 | Последнее обновление: 14.09.2012 19:38

Garry Kasparov on the current events that took place in Istanbul

A large interview  with Garry Kasparov has been published on ChessBase. It's noted that the interview was taken several days after the famous events that took place in Istanbul, where the former World Champion was sitting next to Kirsan Ilyumzhinov at the FIDE Congress; Russian media reported on the peace treaty between Kasparov and FIDE.

We offer you some of the most notable parts of the interview:

On the "Peace treaty with FIDE":

"This is nonsense, or at least a great exaggeration. Both sides worked very hard and made concessions to achieve what was required regarding rule reform. It should have been done long ago. This was all business, nobody wanted a big war. I was happy to do this work with the federations and our council. I support FIDE as an organization, and I want it to work better and do more for its member federations. I want to be a positive force for change. This cooperation has nothing to do with what I think about how Ilyumzhinov and his team run FIDE, or the fact that they do not do their job very well.

[...] There is no truce because there was no war. We only want FIDE elections to be about who can present the best plans for making the organization better and stronger, and who has the best ideas for promoting chess and helping all the federations succeed. If the system isn't fair, if the rules are ambiguous, then all the focus is on how to exploit the lousy rules instead of who will do the best job for the world of chess."

Оn the FIDE President elections 2014:

"My answer is still the same, which it's not about my being a candidate; it's about changing FIDE for the better. If there's a candidate who can promote a strong agenda for improving FIDE and the chess world, who can win the election, then I will support that candidate. This is what I did in 2010 when I supported Karpov, much to everyone's surprise. Despite having so little time to prepare and campaign, the mission of reform attracted considerable support. But the ticket wasn't ready, and the ideas were not clear or presented well due to the rush. Now there will be more time to build the ticket and every element of the platform."

Оn the organization of the current Olympiad:

"...It was a real shame to see such poor conditions for the players and such larcenous financial burdens placed on the federations. So many people I talked to were outraged by everything from the hotel and food prices, the meager room allocations, and the site next to the airport instead of in the city. The cost of sending a team was over double that of Khanty-Mansiysk! Instead of using the large number of attendees to leverage better prices, the players and federations were a captive audience and squeezed at every turn. There was even a "participation fee" of 100 euro per participant, another quarter-million euros bled from the federations. This is a just a fresh example of taking money out of the chess community instead of finding sponsorship to bring money into it."


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