Alexander Sulypa: "Next Time We Will Overtake The Russians"

Время публикации: 13.09.2012 12:53 | Последнее обновление: 13.09.2012 12:54

Ukraine team captain Alexander Sulypa has given his final interview to related to his team participation in Istanbul. He think that the bronze medal the team has won is "A fair result". 

He remembered the two matches that were lost:

"Of course we analyzed those matches. Especially against Russia - Our former compatriot Sergey Karjakin has given us a major blow. After the match I was joking that it would have been better to avoid him from playing. After the match our leader Vasily Ivanchuk was sitting in the playing hall - all the channels showed him... I tried to calm him down for about ten minutes, I mean he wasn't able to overtake Vladimir Kramnik. Then I realized that he simply wants to be alone. You know at that moment I understood that we play really well. Next time we will overtake the russians" 

Sulypa was indeed glad with what has happened in round 11 against China:

"The match was a live-or-die one. We managed to make a good team composition and the chinese didn't expect the one we've made. Alexander Moiseenko had a flu that morning but he was free on that day. Our team consists of people who are used to play decisive games. In the morning Vasily saw Volokitin who had some doubts about his openings and he simply told him to relax and take some coffee as he required more energy, he just told him to play. You know, these words really inspired me. Ivanchuk himself played extraordinary in his last game. It was a wonderful rook and knight sacrifice. Vasily had his eyes burning and he mated Wang Hao who is one of the top-20 players in the world. After it I realized - the great chinese wall is falling down. We won 3 to 1, but the match was a total destruction for our rivals".

Sulypa mentioned that he gained a new precious experience during the Olympiad:

"I understand the major success criteria and see where we can improve the play. I've got a lot of information, I simply need to settle everything down. We need to learn to lose less games and in that case we will be able to regain the title. And the coach needs to learn more himself. You can't go far along with what you had without learning something new. I was told that I am among the youngest captains of the leading teams - I will have to work more on myself".

Sulypa says that his contract will be updated:

"Of course the management will decide everything but I am ready to do any job they give me in the team".


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