Chess Olympiad: Kramnik And Ivanchuk Went Away From The Board, When Ali Nihat Yazici's Assistant Made The First Move In Russia-Ukraine Match

Время публикации: 05.09.2012 17:50 | Последнее обновление: 06.09.2012 11:41

Turkish Chess Federation president Ali Nihat Yazici's assistant made the first move in a decisive round 8 match between Russia and Ukraine, however when he moved the pawn there was noone at the table. Vassily Ivanchuk said that he was not going to remain seated as this procedure itself disturbed him while Vladimir Kramnik stood away and was not at the table either.

So one of the two closest players to Yazici was Ruslan Ponomariov who wore a special T-Shirt supporting Chess-News site and protesting against the organizers' behaviour.

"It's a pity I am not playing on board one", - exclaimed Ruslan.  


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