Answer To GM Yuri Vovk

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Dear Mr. Yuri 'the 9 Euros per day' Vovk,

You claim that you were not cheating and transformed to be a 'clean' player after the year of 2009. Possibly you would like to share with us in which tournaments and games you did this and who were your partners in crime? Then I may really understand from your arrangements which chess players were eventually hurt. Unfortunately it is very easy to confess these when you know that anyway you will run away with them.

I really think that you do not know the meaning of honesty and dishonesty and despite of the fact that you came up with a petty reason for the algorythm in Vasylshyn Memorial. It should not be neglected that WIM Yildiz and TCF had most likely a package deal for two tournaments in a row in your native city of Lviv.

The so called Vorobets Memorial was a Scheveningen match between Turkish National Women Team and a very heterogenic Ukranian Team led by IM Zheliandinov, 75 years old, who did not play in a any FIDE rated tournaments since the year of 2001 and IM Boguszlavsky, 67 years old. They have come up with the same scheme of playing the same opponent in two consecutive games and she has just reached her first WGM norm by beating Zheliandinov 2-0 in the last rounds. With my like or dislike she made norms in such tournaments in the city of Lviv. The organiser of that event is GM Adrian Mikhalchishin, incidentally Turkish Women Team trainer, also just like you possibly clean after 2001. (He was the only player to give a draw to famous Crisan in Vidmar Memorial 2001).The interesting point she never had such high performances before and after these tournaments just like many new Turkish GMs who went below 2500 after having caught the title with the boost of Angora Scheveningens.

Unfortunately the problems we have in the chess world are not limited to Yazici nor Makropoulos but also with the chessplayers, organisers and even trainers. I personally know that you are a capable chess player however coming to issues of honesty, one should not forget that old habits die hard and once you go corrupt you never come back!

Sincerely yours
GM Suat Atalik


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