Open Letter To The Chess Community

Время публикации: 25.08.2012 01:22 | Последнее обновление: 25.08.2012 13:07

Dear Sirs,

I would like to point out that recent Ethics Commity decision on Yazici and TCF did not surprise me at all.FM Roberto Rivello's commity's decision is full of illogical points and contains confusion about identities of chess players. In year 2009 when Yazici started to collect the notorious undertaking, at that time EC rejected my appeal,claiming that my wife who was about to take part in Baltic Queen tournament did not appeal them by herself. Either they do not keep records or they are so much away from chess,in their decision it is stated that the tournament was in year 2008 and I, GM Atalik has played the above mentioned close WGM tournament which is very funny. Whatever they have done, for EC any federation can do anything on their players, at the end it will be considered as an internal affair. They may also change the rules and may come up by their own, it looks like EC stands only for judging chess players,not for officials and never for FIDE executives as you may see the following complaint of mine is not even registered about IM Makropoulos.

By the support of people like EC members, Yazici and Makropoulos are spoiled and they transform our noble game and its circles for their benefits and feed the system with their own people. A good example is that Mr.Surov from is considered to be no journalist for them and he can not even become a guest nor spectator for the olympiad. Yazici started by rejecting his best players from olympiad, continued with arbiters of some of the best countries. In this point I am really curious to ask why Mr.Nikolopoulos whose chess qualities are really obscure to me is getting main arbiter position in several organisations. The same is valid for WGM Karlovich,who will act as a press attachée in the olympiad while Mr.Surov will not be allowed to use facilities of the olympic venue as a press member.

What about the chess players?I Really felt pity when I have read new reborn Turkish GM ?patov's interview.I believe there is nobody left who did not receive thanks by him even Giorgos (George) Makropoulos had twice. I myself want to attract your attention to the game Ipatov-Yilmaz from Moscow D close tournament 2012 and you may draw conclusion as they say... If it is not enough for you just check for new WGM Yildiz where she made her last norms in Vasylshyn and Vorobets memorials in 2011 especially in the latter she had the incredible algorythm of pairings, first playing aginst untitled players then FMs and eventually IMs. Conceivably the main character in the show is GM Mikhalchishin from the same city. I even do not want to touch the series of Angora tournaments but you may understand my general opinion about people who took part in these especially the so called Turkish National Team members where the ratio of Turks are getting quickly diminished.

Best regards
GM Suat Atalik


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