Vladimir Kramnik Will Find Time To Watch Vitaly Klichko's Fight During The Olympiad

Время публикации: 24.08.2012 15:49 | Последнее обновление: 24.08.2012 15:52

Vladimir Kramnik who is currently in the Alps doing his training with Vitaly Klichko answered some questions of Sport-Express reporter. The grandmaster rememebered that he got acquainted with teh boxer 10 years ago  "Vitaly came to see the tournament in Dortmund, we met there, became friends. I like to talk to him and Vladimir. I never miss their fights. At least I always watch them on TV because I am too busy and can't always watch live matches. Unfortunately I won't be able to come to Moscow on September 8, because we have got our Olympiad which only finishes on September 10. But I'll by all means find some sports bar to watch the fight at least there".

"When I watch their (the Klichko brothers - CN) fights I see they have some mental advantage against their opponents, they are very flexible, they feel the fight better, they can change something in their work without the coach's advice. I see their intellectual work though. Nowadays many sports victories are not so evident but these guys are far better than everyone in the arena! Ican't even compare them with anyone... Perhaps Federer or Kasparov. Some say it's dull to see their fights - I find that a silly argument. You should say that to losers. Everyone wants to win but not everyone can do it. It's quite strange to blame the fighter who has not only won but managed to keep his face nice and safe. It's just bullshit. If I won somebody ten to nil you should ask him this question, I am not to blame that Ihave won in that way". 


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