Ex-World Champion Beaten by the Moscow Police

Время публикации: 18.08.2012 01:08 | Последнее обновление: 13.03.2015 04:43

Garry Kasparov has been arrested and beaten by the Moscow police near the court building while the sentence related to the Pussy Riot group members was being announced in the Hamovniki court. Kasparov.ru informs that policemen started to beat Garry in the police car, where he was brought up by force.

Soon after the arrest there have been gossips that Kasparov managed to bite a police sergeant trying to resist his arrest. According to those gossips the sergeant has even gone to see the doctors, while it was later discovered that his hand and forefinger have been bitten and the left hand bone hit. Kasparov doesn't agree with this, saying it's "a complete bullshit". 

Kasparov exclaimed that "I want to see this policeman and those people who prepare that. This hand is a symbol of resistance. If you bite a hand, you would unlikely reach the bone as you need to bite hard enough to lose a couple of your teeth, but mine are all in the mouth".

Late in the evening Kasparov informed everyone in his Twitter that he had left the police station and is going to search for the first aid and get a document that would be a proof he had been beaten. His lawyer Andrey Chegodaykin says that "Garry has been hit into the abdomen and his back hurts". 

Kasparov is called to the police on August 20th for further investigation.


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