GM Suat Atalik is Not Inspired by the ACP's Letter: "It Does Not Suggest Any Realistic Solution to the Problem"

Время публикации: 10.08.2012 13:36 | Последнее обновление: 10.08.2012 13:36

Suat Atalik has answered ACP's open letter after the first ever match between the married couple has been finished in Greece. GM noted that the ACP's answer was released after almost a month. At the same time Atalik thinks that "ACP's open letter does not suggest any realistic solution to the problem and is not intended to correct the illegal act committed by these people and their federations. ACP requests FIDE to start negotiations with TCF, GCF and I being included. However one should not forget that Mr.Makropoulos and Mr.Yazici are not only the presidents of GCF and TCF respectively but also they are in FIDE executive board, taking extremely active role in every single FIDE decision. In some way expecting these people to address themselves about their own decisions, is simply illogical."

Mr. Atalik then describes Mr. Yazici's and Mr. Makropoulos's actions which he considers to be illegal. He also mentions FIDE FIDE Ethics Committee stating: "It rejecting my appeal on Yazici who tried to remove me from Golden Sands Tournament even threatening the organisers with making the event unrated." GM Atalik finished his letter with the following statement: "I hereby claim that I will not take part in any negotiations with these people concerning illegal decisions they have taken so far, in spite of ACP suggestion because I simply believe that they should undergo the consequences of their acts and get punished."


You can read the letter at full


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