The ACP Suggests FIDE, Atalik, Greek and Turkish Chess Federations to Come to An Agreement

Время публикации: 08.08.2012 14:52 | Последнее обновление: 09.08.2012 10:40

The Association of Chess Professionals published an open letter in which it expressed it's attitude towards the "Atalik issue."

"It is the understanding of the ACP Board that this is a very sensitive case that demands the utmost attention by the whole chess community, especially FIDE, as it may become a dangerous precedent." - says the letter.

The ACP doesn't see any "reason why the TCF ban should be valid outside of the Turkish borders. Outside the Turkish jurisdiction Mr. Atalik should be free to play wherever he wants, based on the assumption that no other federation or organizer can be forced to ban a player from their events based on a decision that bears no effects in their jurisdiction, unless the ruling is recognized by the relevant supranational entities and enforced within all affiliated chess federations."

The ACP asks FIDE to "start conversations with Mr. Atalik, the TCF and the GCF with a view to reaching a bona fide agreement that is satisfactory to all parties involved; in case the negotiations above should not produce any acceptable solution, enforce its Statutes and regulations, and issue an announcement on this case as soon as technically feasible and preferably within 2 weeks, considering the current violation of Mr. Atalik’s personal right to exercise his profession."

The ACP is confident, - the letter concludes, - that the negotiations between FIDE, the TCF and the GCF will lead to a reappraising of the case and to finding an adequate solution for all parties involved.


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