The Referee's Board of the Online Blitz Grand Prix Didn't Let to the Final Some of the Qualified Players. Jobava is Among

Время публикации: 03.08.2012 22:40 | Последнее обновление: 04.08.2012 07:22

The official website of the Russian chess Federation published 44 finalists of the Online Blitz Grand Prix, however the list of the participants who won't play in the final is not less interesting. Among such players is Georgian GM Baadur Jobava.

This is how it is explained:
"The Referee's Board of the Online Blitz Grand Prix - 2012 (the head arbiter is the international arbiter Tkachev A.) on its meeting of August 1st considered the report of the Anti-Computer Control of the 4th qualification tournament.

The report of the 4th qualification tournament gave a considerable reason to state that the players listed below used the specialized computer help or the help of other players during their games: 

     Slawkurp (Kurpiewski Sіawomir)
     Ваструхин_Олег_А (
     Лушенков_Михаил (Pushenkov_Mikhail)

In accordance to the Paragraph 8 of the Online Blitz Grand Prix 2012 Regulations the Referee's Board dissqualifies the mentioned players and abrogated the points they have gathered in the qualification tournaments of the Online Blitz Grand Prix 2012."  

Here's the list of the first 15 qualified players: 

     1. Pridorozhny Alexei 
     2. Zinchenko Yaroslav
     3. Kononenko Dmitry
     4. Guseinov Gadir
     5. Grigoryan Avetik
     6. Shaposhnikov Evgeny
     7. Kovalenko Igor
     8. Zhigalko Sergey
     9. Rakhmanov Aleksandr
     10. Andreasyan Zaven
     11. Safarli Eltaj
     12. Artemyev Vladislav
     13. Sjugirov Sanan 
     14. Kovalev Vladislav
     15. Andreikin Dmitry

Overal 44 participants qualified to the final. 


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