The Next Meeting of the RCF Supervisory Board Will Be Held on 8 August

Время публикации: 20.07.2012 15:52 | Последнее обновление: 20.07.2012 15:52

The next meeting of the Russian Chess Federation's Supervisory Board will be held on 8 August at the Moscow hotel Radisson Slavyanskaya.

The RCF site has published the draft agenda of the meeting:

1. About implementation of orders from the Congress.
2. Summary of outcomes of the World Championship Match and the Tal Memorial held in Moscow
3. The 2013 calendar of tournaments
4. Changes to the way the internal Russian competitions are being held
5. About reimbursement of participants of the competitions included in the Master Schedule within the Ministry of Sports
6. About separate divisions within the RCF; regulations, functions and leadership.
7. About FIDE


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