Who Will Write Down the Move?

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Science and Technology: ACP Golden Chess Classic started in Amsterdam

Today a "nostalgic" tournament ACP golden Classic starts at the University of the Amsterdam Scientific park. Seven GMs: Emil Sutovsky, Gata Kamsky, Vassily Ivanchuk, Krishnan Sasikiran, Anna Muzychuk, Baadur Jobava and Le Quang Qiem will compete in a round robin with an unusual time control: 2 hours for 40 moves, then the game can be adjourned. After the game is resumed the players will have 1 hour for 16 moves +15 minutes before the end of the game plus 30 seconds after move 57. 
The table  

Emil Sutovsky, the President of the ACP, is the author of the idea. He also found the main sponsor whom he hasn't named. According to Sutovsky the tournament will show that the scientific part in chess hasn't disappeared and that "goals, points, seconds aren't the only attractive ingredients in this game."

The Dutch part also takes part in the organization of the tournament. The head of the traditional festival Wijk-aan-Zee, Jeroen van den Berg is the director of the competition and provides equipment and technical components. Along with the ACP Golden Classic the Dutch Championship will be held in the building of the University. The championship gathered eight participants who will compete in a round-robin: Anish Giri, Ivan Sokolov, Jan Smeets, Erwin L'Ami, Dimitri Reiderman, Robin van Kampen, Sipke Ernst and Robin Svinkels. 

In Jeroen van den Berg's opinion, the idea of the adjournment of the games is quite funny, but having three encounters a day there's a little chance to see this spectacular "show". However, the one who will write down the move will have a great advantage, - he thinks. "In this case the one who wrote down the move will have an ability to concentrate his/her analysis only on that continuation. Maybe, somehow it's even better to write down not the objectively better move, but the most unexpected one."

Along with the tournament, four lectures by Ivanchuk, Kamsky, Sasikiran and Le Quang Qiem are planned to be held. GMs will share their experience in a free day - each participant will have such. 


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