Anatoly Karpov Called Anand - Gelfand Match the Worst One Played in the Postwar Period

Время публикации: 13.07.2012 00:14 | Последнее обновление: 17.07.2012 16:07

Anatoly Karpov, the former World Champion, shared his impressions on the recent match between Vishy Anand and Boris Gelfand in an interview given to

"If evaluating the match from the qualitative and entertaining modes, I think that this was probably the worst World Championship Match played at least in the postwar period. One of the main reasons is the format of the encounter. 12 games is not that mockery on chess we observed during the knock-out system - but it is still not enough. At least 14-18 games are needed for full-fledged, creative fight: then the rivals have an ability to risk; whilst in a short match of the rivals whose strength is equal, the game is usually just hold, while th eopponents are just trying to catch "a fail-safe chance." That's what we saw in Moscow and surely that made the match plain and boring." 

Karpov also harshly criticized the fact that the World Champion can be determined in rapid or blitz. "I'm firmly against of mixing different forms of chess. Determining the Classical World Chess Champion in rapid, and all the more, in blitz is just nonsense."

The former World Champion underlined that FIDE made a huge mistake by not fighting for Carlsen's return into the Candidate's Circle. 

"I think he had all chances to win that tournament [he means the matches - CN], and his participation in the World Championship match would change the event completely, the match would attract more interest. As regards to Gelfand, surely he's a strong player, he works hard for a long time, but I still didn't expect him wining the circle. Perhaps, he also had some luck."  

Karpov compared the current system of World Championship matches to the late Botvinnik times.

"As I remember, as Petrosian and Spassky, so even Keres (although he was almost as old as Mikhail Moiseevich) used to say: you should just get to the world championship match and then playing against old and weakened Botvinnik would be much easier. It's the same now: Anand's practical strength has noticeably weakened in recent years, maybe that's lack of motivation, maybe it's something else, but the fact that it has - stays evident." 


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