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GM Suat Atalik is excluded from the tournaments held in Greece on Turkey's request 

Yesterday Silvio Danailov wrote on his Twitter page: "Makro banned GM Atalik from all tournaments in Greece, following his Turkish friend. What about the famous Greak democracy? Nice case for CAS".

We received a confirmation from GM Suat Atalik. Here's the letter he got from Vassilis Liogkas and Vassilis Theodoridis, directors of the tournament which will take place in Kavala:

"Dear Mr Atalik,

We regret to inform you that, according to decision of the Greek Chess Federation (below), we are not permitted to accept you in our Tournament, due to your 15-months punishment of the Turkish chess federation. We must apologise about this decision, that isn't ours, regarding our good relationship from the past, since your first participation in our tournament. We give you below translated message that yesterday our Federation sent us.

We are sorry about this inconvenience and hope not to stop our cooperation in the future."

* * *
"To the Organizers of nternational Tournaments in Greece,

Mr President,
dear chess friends,

The Board of the Greek Chess Federation, in the meeting of 30/6/2012, discussed and accepted a demand of the Turkish Chess federation, not to allow the participation of the chess player Suat Atalik in competitions in Greece. S.Atalik is punished by his federation with 15-months exclusion of matches, punishment which has been confirmed by the Supreme Sports Court of Turkey.

According to the above, the participation of this player in matches that will be held in our country during the summer.

Best sport regards,

The President The General Secretary
George Makropoulos Panayiotis Nikolopoulos"

Let us remind you that recently GM Suat Atalik informed in his open letter that the President of the Turkish Chess Federation Ali Nihat Yazici was asking the organizers of the international tournament in Golden Sands, Bulgaria to expel him from the tournament  - the reason was that Mr. Atalik is the only GM who didn't sign a special agreement with the TCF and won't get a permission to play abroad. 

Finally, GM Suat Atalik blames Mr. Yazici: "he intentionally weakened Turkish National Chess teams by excluding me GM Suat Atalik rated 2608 and my wife IM(WGM) Ekaterina Atalik rated 2474, for all the FIDE official tournaments, by not applying chess criteria like titles and ratings due to his hostility despite of the fact that we are one of the strongest chess couples."


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