Russia Won't Join in the Boycott of the Olympiad if Some Other Federation Goes Ahead with It

Время публикации: 26.06.2012 19:36 | Последнее обновление: 26.06.2012 19:36

"I don’t think that boycotting the Olympiad is the right method for solving the problems", said the Head of the Management Board of the Russian Chess Federation Ilya Levitov in an interview to our site, "It’s necessary to achieve the right solution in a constructive way, rather than by boycotting the Olympiad. To write a letter and meet with Yazici; I don’t know - talk to him, understand his motivation and position, and try to change his position".

We remind you that the Russian Chess Federation has officially objected Ali Nihat Yazici's statement in which he announced banning of the arbiters from seven federations from working at the Olympiad. The rumours appeared that some of the affected federations may fully boycott the main team event of the year, which will be held in Istanbul from the end of August until the beginning of September.

Yesterday, the main organiser of the Olympiad and the President of the Turkish Chess Federation announced about his decision to resign from the post of the FIDE Vice-President. Levitov didn't understand the reasons behind this action. The Chess-News interviewee also noted that he didn't understand claims that Yazici made about him.

You can read and listen to Ilya Levitov's interview in full.


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