Anatoly Karpov Is Playing a Match Against Yasser Seirawan

Время публикации: 11.06.2012 15:13 | Последнее обновление: 11.06.2012 15:13

The friendly match between the World ex-Champion Anatoly Karpov and the many-times U.S. Champion Yasser Seirawan has started last night in Saint Louis.

The match consists of two classical games on 10-11 June (1.5 hours for 40 moves followed by 30 minutes until the end, plus 30 second increment for each move from move one), two rapid games on 12 June (25 minutes plus 5 seconds increment) and ten blitz games on 13 June (5 minutes plus 2 seconds increment). The winner of the match would be decided according to an unusual system: 3 points are given for a win in a classical game, 2 points for a win in a rapid and 1 point for a win in a blitz. The winner will receive $10,000, while the loser will get $7,000.

The first classical game was played last night at 22.00 Moscow time and ended as a draw. Karpov had white and it was the Slav Defence. The game can be replayed here.


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