Kasparov Offered to Help Gelfand in the Match Against Anand. Being Shocked, Gelfand Declined

Время публикации: 10.06.2012 14:48 | Последнее обновление: 10.06.2012 14:51

The second part of the interview with Boris Gelfand has been published on the site ChessVibes. The part about Garry Kasparov can be called sensational,

"In September last year I was approached by people representing Garry, and they suggested that he would help me during the match. They asked my representative if we wanted negotiations or not. This was while I was playing in Rogaska [at the European Club Cup in Rogaska Slatina] ... That he would be my second during the match, and probably during the preparation. They wanted to have negotiations about the format of his collaboration.

I was really shocked. He had just been helping Vishy in the previous match, I knew he was working with Hikaru [Nakamura], so obviously I said no. For me it was unthinkable to receive help from somebody who has access to secrets of my colleagues ...  I think it's unthinkable. Only two years have passed when you helped one player, and now you help against him. I would feel very bad; it's against my convictions to use this".

In Gelfand's opinion, precisely this rejection could have been the cause of numerous harsh statements, which Kasparov allowed himself towards the participants of the match and towards Gelfand in particular, "nobody has managed to provide me with a better explanation so far".

"During the match I asked my seconds to brief me about what was written in the media, and there were only negative things. Like now, it was also said that under any other system I wouldn't have qualified. You know, it's like Winnie-the-Pooh, wrong bees are producing wrong honey. OK, under Garry's system I couldn't qualify but he was picking up the challengers. But I think I proved enough, in a tournament like Mexico, in short matches, long matches, I can do well in any format. I think I proved this throughout my career, and I don't need any other proof".

Gelfand added that he would be very happy if Kasparov returns to chess.


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