City-Chess in Elista is on the Edge of Bankruptcy, "All Money Went to Private Pockets"

Время публикации: 29.05.2012 16:23 | Последнее обновление: 29.05.2012 16:41

There was a video report about City-Chess in Elista on the program "Vesti-Kalmykia". The representative of the republic's territorial and administrative creation City-Chess, the international arbiter Vyacheslav Namruev announced that "City" is on the edge of bankruptcy. At the moment City-Chess owes 20 million rubles for the property tax alone. All money made on hotel and other services went to accounts of private companies.  

"All materials have been given to the police investigators", says Namruev, "currently the decisions are being made about raising criminal cases related to the work of the previous management. Sad as it is, a private company collected profits for several years, but now we are the ones who owe. Money went nowhere. It went to private pockets and not into the budget".

It's reported that, on top of selling cottages, gas and electric networks are planned to be sold to respectable companies; also, the road approaching from the seventh micro-region to City-Chess is planned to be transferred to the balance sheet of the municipal government.


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