Boris Gelfand: "The Best Programmes Have Lower Ratings". Anand Likes Bears and Bogatyrs

Время публикации: 18.05.2012 20:30 | Последнее обновление: 18.05.2012 22:52

Viswanathan Anand's and Boris Gelfand's press conference after the 6th game summarized the first part of the competition for the world crown. As the questions and answers on today's game, so the general match strategy can hardly be qualified as the most interesting. 

Answering a semi-serious question on which paintings they would like to hang at home, Gelfand mentioned "The Ninth Wave" by Aivazovsky (perhaps, mixing up a bit), while the reigning champion marked out the paintings from the Tretyakov Gallery: "with three bears on a fallen tree and the one with three bogatyrs." Both players underscored that there are plenty of brilliant works. 

"The Morning in a Pine Forest" by Shishkin 

Vasnetsov "Bogatyrs" ("Three Bogatyrs")

The players were asked to comment on Garry Kasparov's opinion that "this match has no relevance to determining the world's strongest player", as well as his statement about the importance of ratings in chess. Anand avoided discussion saying he hasn't time to think on all of these aspects, because the main for him is to concentrate on the match.

While Gelfand's response was more detailed: "Actually, I don't comment on opinions. But it seems to me that Garry Kimovich wanted to remind everybody that he was the strongest player. As regards to ratings, I think that as in chess, so in life they're overrated. People talk about the ratings of the tv-programmes, about the number of Facebook friends and so on. Although that's so funny... The Best programmes have lower ratings; and there can't be tens of thousands of real friends."


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