The Don Rapid Has Broken a Record

Время публикации: 10.05.2012 13:02 | Последнее обновление: 10.05.2012 15:40

Dmitry Andreikin became the winner in Novocherkassk

The strongest ever stage of the Rapid Grand Prix was held in Novocherkassk. There were 27 grandmasters among 193 participants, who competed over eleven rounds. The winner was Dmitry Andreikin with 8.5 points. The same number of points was achieved by Sanan Sjugirov and Vladimir Malakhov, who were second- and third-placed, respectively, according to the tie-break system. Ten holders of the highest title ended up half a point behind: Evgeny Alekseev, Dmitry Kokarev, Boris Grachev, Viacheslav Zakhartsov, Dmitry Kryakvin, Pavel Smirnov, Boris Savchenko, Artur Gabrielian, Vadim Zvjaginsev and Dmitry Frolyanov.

Don't miss a large photo report from the scene by Evgeny Surov, soon to be published on our site.

Dmitry Andreikin is in a good fighting form


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  • The sole winner of the stage of the Russian Rapid Grand Prix in memory of Akhmad-Hadzha Kadyrov in Grozny was the grandmaster Boris Savchenko with 9 points out of 11. Four other holders of the highest title were half a point behind: Adam Tukhaev (Ukraine), Kirill Bryzgalin, Alexander Galkin and Dzhakay Dzhakayev.

  • Today the "Don Rapid 2012" has started in Novocherkassk (Rostov Region), in the South-Russian State Technical University (NPI). It's a stage of the Russian Rapid Grand Prix.

  • Another Russian Rapid Grand Prix stage has taken place in Volgodonsk. There were several known grandmasters, in particular, Boris Savchenko, Alexander Evdokimov, Alexander Lastin, Dmitry Kryakvin and Alexander Galkin. 120 chess players in total played 11 rounds over two days. Pavel Ponkratov ended up being the strongest.

  • One of the Russian Rapid Grand Prix tournaments took place in Shakty. 127 chess players took part in the competition including Alexey Dreev, Vladimir Malakhov, Alexander Galkin, Sanan Sjugirov, Boris Savchenko and Dmitry Kokarev. 

    Malakhov-Galkin: who is faster in the endgame (photo by Evgeny Potemkin)

  • The Russian Chess Federation website published the names of 16 participants of the Russian Cup which will be held from December 2-12 in Khanty-Mansiysk. The following players will compete: Ernesto Inarkiev, Evgeny Romanov, Igor Kovalenko, Dmitry Kokarev, Dmitry Bocharov, Artem Timofeev, Sergey Grigorianz, Vladimir Onischuk, Bartosz Socko, Ildar Khairullin, Pavel Maletin, Artur Gabrielian, Boris Savchenko, Igor Lysyj, Denis Khismatulin and Dmitry Jakovenko.

  • The official website of the World Blitz Championship announced the results of today's qualification competition. Russian Dmitry Andreikin gained a confident win finishing 2 points ahead of his rival. He gathered 16.5 points out of 22. Another two players - Le Quang Qiem (Vietnam, 14.5 points) and Nikolai Chadaev (Russia, 14 points) - qualified for the final. 


  • The traditional internet team competition, the Ugra Governor's Cup, has started at 18.00 today on the Chess World portal. Every year the competition attracts the strongest internet teams from the former Soviet Union territories: the teams typically include more than 50 grandmasters and international masters.

  • The 5th game of the Nepomniachtchi - Andreikin friendly match has finished today in Moscow. Nepomniachtchi who is losing his rival half a point had White for the last time in the match. However, Dmitry chose a solid opening and as Andreikin noted he made an easy draw.  

  • The 8th Tal Memorial will take place from June 12th-24th in Moscow. The Russia Chess Federation published the participants' list:
    Magnus Carlsen
    Vladimir Kramnik
    Sergey Karjakin
    Vishy Anand
    Fabiano Caruana
    Hikaru Nakamura
    Shakhriyar Mamedyarov
    Alexander Morozevich
    Boris Gelfand
    Dmitry Andreikin .

  • Mikhail Krjukov, the chief arbiter of the rapid competition at Dvorkovich Memorial, announced the final standings. 128 participants competed for the main prize during two days. As long as four GMs finished gathering 8.5 points out of 11 the tiebreak was counted to determine the winner.