Capablanca Memorial: the Rating Favourite of the Premier Group, Lazaro Bruzon, Withdraws From the Tournament For Personal Reasons

Время публикации: 03.05.2012 23:43 | Последнее обновление: 03.05.2012 23:50

The official website of the Capablanca Memorial, which will start tomorrow, informs that there's one, but a serious change in the participant list of the Premier group: the rating favourite Lazaro Bruzon withdraws the tournament for personal reasons and will be replaced by another Cuban player Almeida. After this change Russian Aleksandr Rakhmanov becomes the top-seed of the group. Among other paticipants are Russian Vasily Papin, Ivan Morovic of Chile, Emilio Cordova of Peru, Hernandez, Ortiz, Gonzalez and Alvarez, (all Cuba). The participants will play a 9 round Swiss in one cycle. 

The "Premier" group is considered as the second most important event of the Capablanca Memorial. The main group is headed by Vassily Ivanchuk.


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