Andrew Paulson Compared Chess to the Diamond: "You Only Need to Pick It Up, Clean It & Let It Shine"

Время публикации: 12.04.2012 21:56 | Последнее обновление: 12.04.2012 21:59

In the recent interview to Eugeny Atarov, the Head of the company AGON Andrew Paulson, besides the usual set of images he likes to use to express himself, added some new ones. 

- There are plenty of reasons why chess became so interesting now, - says Paulson. - And those are far from only making superprofits. 
- Could you name them?
- That is its beauty, oneness, fascination and usefulness... Chess is the best example of achieving success using one's own intellect. And it carries exceptionally positive mood, that's a rare indicator of "pure intellect." It's the same as you walk down the street and see a diamond dropped by someone. We should only pick it up, clean it and make it shine, so people can feel in future how they needed it before. This is our role."

In addition Paulson specifies: "Losing money by wrapping up chess nicely is absolutely not what I'm looking for. I want my work to be appreciated and paid accordingly. So, I'll repeat myself, there's a big difference between charity and the capitalist's approach."  



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