Silvio Danailov is Discontented: ACP is Allowed of Too Much

Время публикации: 11.04.2012 19:22 | Последнее обновление: 11.04.2012 19:27

Silvio Danailov's latest updates on his Twitter page enlighten some of the FIDE's recent decisions which weren't published on the official website of the organisation. We offer you them here: 

"FIDE gave the right to ECU to nominate 10 Arbiters for the Olympiad. Much to my surprise, ACP got the same. Beautiful!"

"For the first time in sports history, the players will nominate the Arbiters.Great innovation,chess is pioneer as usual. Congrats!"

Previously the President of the European Chess Union posted a quite intriguing remark: 

"Some FIDE officials have begun to behave in a very aggressive and arrogant way. Somebody has to remind them who they really are."   


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