Mahir Mammadov Didn't Find the "False Bottom" in Andrew Paulson

Время публикации: 06.04.2012 22:51 | Последнее обновление: 15.02.2013 19:19

In the interview to Chesspro the Vice-President of Azerbaijan Chess federation Mahir Mammadov talked about the agreement signed recently between FIDE and AGON. Andrew Paulson, who arrived in Baku especially for this occasion, left a positive impression on Mammadov:

"I didn't even expect it would be that positive. That's an extremely interesting person, active, lively. He has a grip and purposefulness... But at the same time Andrew is very witty, he knows how to smooth over the differences and be a pleasant company. I was also pleased to know that he has lived in Russia and has a lot of friends in Turkey, by the virtue of our historical affinity with this country that couldn't stay unnoticed for me. It's evident that he sincerely loves chess - in his family chess had an honoured place, one can't feign that kind of interest. [...] I feel that the chess world treats him in a wary way. And everyone, as it's seen, tries to "unmask" him! Like, we see through you, we almost got to the bottom of you... It seems to me, that claiming him before getting him known, without understanding what is he striving after and what he wants to give the chess world, is too early. You should give him some time to work!  Yet Paulson hasn't established a bad reputation: neither by his earlier projects, nor here in chess. During our negotiations we faced only constructivism and a normal business grip, at times a tough, but very logical approach. You know, we're also not all milk and honey during the negotiations... But when you want to achieve the result you should understand the partner and look for a reasonable compromise; and that is what we were doing during the last month, when we worked on the contract with AGON. I can't vouch for Andrew, - anything can happen, however, during the joint work I hadn't a feeling that I saw a "false bottom", which is carefully hidden by him. I think that Paulson was completely sincere with us..."

Interview at full in Russian.


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