Andrew Paulson Predicts Baku to Hold A Large Number of Major Tournaments

Время публикации: 04.04.2012 22:56 | Последнее обновление: 04.04.2012 23:12

As we've already reported oil company SOCAR and AGON signed agreement yesterday in Baku, Azerbaijan. According to the agreement Azerbaijan will be the sponsor of the next Candidates Tournament in London. The website published (in Russian) part of Andrew Paulson's speech at the conference:

"We've published a final version of the calendar some time ago. First thing I'd like to do in the first season is to organize European championship cycle in the major European cities. Our strategic plan is to attract major companies to sponsor the championship cycle. Another reason of concentrating the championship cycle in Europe is based on the wish of attracting not only major, but regional companies as well, which is also important for us. We will continue following our strategic plan next season and we'll organize the cycle in Africa and Arab countries. Gradually we'll be holding the tournaments of the championship cycle in the major cities of another continents. Of course, every big city of one or another region will be interested in holding the top-level chess tournaments. As regards to Baku, I'm sure that Azerbaijan will host a greater number of major tournaments in future. Azerbaijan proved that it works effectively on the level of getting permission of holding major tournaments, and it also hosts them at a top level. That's why organizing the championship cycle in Baku is also in our plans".


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