EIWCC Rapid: Dzagnidze, Kosteniuk and Tatiana Kosintseva Lead After the First Playing Day

Время публикации: 15.03.2012 22:12 | Последнее обновление: 15.03.2012 22:26

The first day of the European Individual Women Rapid Chess Championship which takes place in Gaziantep, Turkey, has been finished. In the 6th round Tatiana Kosintseva, Nana Dzagnidze and Alexandra Kosteniuk gained victories with White on the first three boards. Their were Anna Muzychuk, her sister Mariya and Antoaneta Stefanova respectively. Three of the leaders gathered 5 points out of 6. 

Georgian team watching Nana Dzagnidze's game. Photo eiwcc2012.tsf.org

Another Georgian Bela Khotenashvili losses leaders half a point. Ten players gained 4 points. 

Take a look at the selected games of Round 6. 

The 7th round will be held tomorrow at 13:00 MSK Time. 


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  • Georgian Nana Dzagnidze managed to overplay Tatiana Kosintseva in the last round of ACP Women Cup Rapid and caught Pia Cramling of Sweden (she drew against Ukrainian Lahno). They gathered 8 points each and will play a tie-break in order to determine the winner of the tournament.

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