First London, Then We'll See

Время публикации: 09.03.2012 17:30 | Последнее обновление: 09.03.2012 17:48

I have read my comment regarding to the FIDE's decision on the dates and venue of the Candidates Tournament here on Chess-News. Having no complaint to anyone, I would like to clarify and quote my (written) answer to the respectable journalist who has been asking me. 

On a question if I'm comfortable with the location and the dates of the Candidates Tournament, I answered:

"Yes, but I agree that there must be a meeting between organizers and FIDE asap in order to clarify the calendar from next year on and second We all have our expereince in past and lets stll see if the event in London really takes place.

Third, I think that Mr. Paulsen have to say openly and publicly what he is going to do next I mean what is his programm,ets,and not jus general words because nowbody knows him and his plans and his reasons to be involved in chess.

In general, it was more logical to do it in 2013, but since its announced, lets move on, FIDE is not going to change it, lets be practical. Although we must explain FIDE that from now on they should start to care about big tournaments, so lets make it the last warning."

FIDE has published the calendar for the major tournaments in 2012-2015. Eugeny Surov asked what I think of the period from July 3-17 2013 when the Grand Prix is planned to be held in Berlin. After all, the traditional tournament in Dortmund takes place at the very same time. 

Here's what I think: I will be honest, I don't believe all of that Grand Prix tournaments will actually be held, that's why I haven't even studied that dates. I don't want to offend anyone and I hope, I'm wrong, however our past experience makes me think so . 

I remember that this is not the first time we were going to play this kind of tournaments in the world capitals. And, by the way, the World Championship 2017 has to be held on Cruiser Aurora... Not everyone remembers, but that has been announced once by the FIDE President. 

So, let's have the tournament in London first, and then we'll see. 


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