Mateusz Bartel and Iweta Rajlich Win National Titles

Время публикации: 27.02.2012 01:35 | Последнее обновление: 27.02.2012 01:35

Mateusz Bartel, winner of recent Aeroflot Open, gained his third in a row victory in Polish Championships and 4th overall; IM Iweta Rajlich, a wife of the creator of Rybka, shared 1st place with Joanna Majdan-Gajewska, however she was declared the champion on better tie-break. This is her seventh national title - before marriage she was playing under her maiden name Radziewicz.

LIVE Tie-break games were available on the official website of the tournament. 

As GM Mikhail Krasenkov explained us after Bartel defeated Macieja in the first tie-break game the match was stopped as long as even in the case of 1-1 Bartel had better tie-break score. 

Both games of Rajlich - Majdan-Gajewska finished in draws, however Iweta took gold due to better overall tie-break score. 

Take a look at the tie-break games.


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