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Korobov lost leadership

The leader of Aeroflot Open Anton Korobov lost to his compatriot Pavel Eljanov in Round 7. Despite the results of this round it has already been determined that Eljanov shares 1-2 places with Polish GM Mateusz Bartel, who took an upper hand on Fabio Caruana.

Pavel was well prepared for the variant that took place in his duel against Korobov - he, particularly, knew the game played last year between Sasikiran and Shirov, in which pawn sacrifice has been tested.  

After the sacrifice Pavel was surprised seeing his opponent's hesitation, 17...Nd7 - a novelty which Eljanov "didn't quite understand". It wasn't easy to find an appropriate continuation for White - however, after 18th move Pavel immediately saw the opportunity - 19.Nxb5 and was thinking it over for 50 minutes.


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