Azerbaijan Wants to Host Candidate's Tournament

Время публикации: 30.01.2012 22:26 | Последнее обновление: 30.01.2012 22:26

Chess-News became aware of the official application in FIDE

Azerbaijan Chess Federation will officially file the application to FIDE for hosting the Candidate's Tournament today, January 30. 

According the regulations all applications should be submitted before February 1, which means only two days are left till the procedure will be closed. The potential applicants have stayed unknown till now. Several days ago the ECU president Silvio Danailov suggested on the air of Chess-News radio that the whole story can bring some surprises. He also said that Sofia may submit the application, but the local federation as well as the sponsors need to be sure that Veselin Topalov will be able to claim the victory at the tournament. However, after Topalov's performance at Wijk aan Zee Sofia's chances as well as the former champion's chances stay doubtful.

As you remember, the Candidate's matches won by Boris Gelfand, originally should have taken place in Baku, but the participation of Armenian chesspplayer Aronian became the stumbling block, although he was guaranteed complete safety and comfort as then, so now. The international song contest "Eurovision" which will take place in Baku this year is considered to have some postitive impact on the problem as long as the representative of Armenia is also participating in it.


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