Wijk Aan Zee: Nakamura Frightened Giri with the "Dragon"

Время публикации: 17.01.2012 20:06 | Последнее обновление: 17.01.2012 20:06

Giri - Nakamura encounter was first to finish in the fourth round of Wijk aan Zee tournament, the Netherlands. 

American's choice of the opening appeared to be quite unexpected as long as he played the Dragon variation, morover, he chose the branch which is not popular since 1950's. 


Nakamura's quick play and perhaps, unfamiliarity with the niceties of the mentioned variation, made Giri to choose 14.Bxf6 which was followed by Nd5. Instead, the main theoretical move in this position, as it has been known for decades, is 14.Rhe1! 

In an equal endgame, which has already taken place before, the rivals agreed to a draw. 


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