Wijk Ann Zee: Jan Timman Thinks "Fisher Clock" Should Be Abolished

Время публикации: 12.01.2012 18:56 | Последнее обновление: 12.01.2012 18:56

The first time the famous Dutch GM Jan Timman participated in Wijk aan Zee was 41 years ago. As back then, now he will also compete in B tournament. In the interview to Chessvibes Timman assessed his chances in the upcoming event with the cautious optimism: 

"Well, in the first place I'm playing the tournament because I find it interesting to see what I'm capable of. I think I can be satisfied if I reach a plus score, and obviously I'm hoping for more than that. In other words: I hope to win the tournament. But I have no idea how it will go. As I said, you need to know if you will sleep well, whether you will be well rested. Sometimes these games can take quite long, and Wijk aan Zee has a schedule where a game can last for many hours. This can be tiring for me. But in general I'm optimistic because normally I play quite well and my openings are good. It's clear that I need to work hard during the tournament".

As regards to the time control Timman expressed his dislike towards Bobby Fisher's invention:

"They also use this Fischer clock... I don't like this; it's a regrettable development. In this respect I fully agree with Silvio Danailov, but for different reasons. He thinks the increment should be abolished because the time trouble phase is very interesting. The best reason to abolish it, in my opinion, is that everyone should deal with his time in the best way; there is no good reason why you should get half a minute extra with each move, except that it's a bit easier for the arbiter". 

Interview at full on Chessvibes (in English).


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