London: Kramnik Crashes McShane's Hopes and Takes the Soul Lead

Время публикации: 12.12.2011 01:26 | Последнее обновление: 12.12.2011 19:37

McShane - Kramnik, the only decisive game of the 8th round of London Classic, was last to end. 

The opponents' chances were uncertain for quite a long time, but after Englishman sacrificing an exchange it seemed that he could grab, at least, a draw.  


Instead of 28.Qc4 following interesting variants were discussed on the air of Chess-News Live:  28.Rg1!? Rg8 29.Rxg8+ Kxg8 30.Qxa5. No doubt that this continuation looks pretty risky for White and needs a careful calculation; it's uncertain how Black can win in this position. for instance,  30...Qg4 31.Qa8+! Rf8 32.Qxb7 Qg3+ 33.Kf1 f3 34.Qd5+ Rf7 (there's no 34...Kh8? because of 35.Bxf6+ Rxf6 36.Qd8+) 35.Qd8+ with a draw.

English GM started to commit serious inaccuracies later. Even though Kramnik missed  a strong 39...f2!, another wonderful chance 41...f5+!, was used by Russian in full. On 46th move White won a rook and after some technical difficulties scored success. 

Kramnik  takes a sole lead.  

Standing after Round 8:
1-3. Kramnik - 15 points (out of 7 games)
2. Carlsen - 13 (7)
3-4. McShane and Nakamura  - 12 (7)
5-6. Aronian and Anand - 8 (7)
7. Short - 5 (7)
8. Howell - 4 (8)
9. Adams - 3 (7)

The last and decisive round will take place at 16:00 MSK Time. Pairings: Kramnik - Aronian, Short - Carlsen, McShane - Anand, Nakamura - Adams. As in SanPaulo/Bilbao so in Moscow Carlsen managed to grab overall victories in the final rounds, which means Kramnik's fans can hardly be calm. On the other hand it's hard to believe that the luck will be on Norwegian's side for the third in a row. 


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