London: After Round 7 Three Are Ahead of Nakamura

Время публикации: 10.12.2011 23:05 | Последнее обновление: 10.12.2011 23:06

Except a relatively quick draw in Aronian - Anand encounter London Classic, once again, was marked by three wins. While the leader Hikaru Nakamura had a bye all of his persecutors, Carlsen, Kramnik and McShane, gained victories, which means they are now ahead of him sharing the lead with 12/6 each.

Carlsen defeated Adams, Kramnik beat Howell, while McShane gained victory against Short.

Luke continues surprising 

The least predictable struggle from the ones mentioned above was probably McShane - Short duel. It seemed that Short got a promising position, but then he “oversacrificed” and found no opportunity of proving the powerfulness of his attack. As a result, McShane got a winning endgame.

In Kramnik – Howell clash Black missed a blow 20.Bg5!, which gave White a decisive advantage. The rest was a matter of Kramnik’s habitual high-skilled techniques.   

Will Carlsen win one another tournament?

Carlsen in his duel against Adams proved the advantage of two bishops against two knights in a difficult middlegame. Adams blundered on 35th move in already a hard-to-defend position.

Standings after Round 7:
1-3. Carlsen,  Krmanik and McShane - 12 (out of 6 games)
4. Nakamura - 11 (6)
5-6. Aronian and Anand - 7 (6)
7. Short - 4 (6)
8-9. Howell and Adams - 3 (7).

Round 8 will take place on Sunday.


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