Draw Day In Nakamura's Birthday

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Moscow draw vortex reaches London 

The sixth round of the London Classic ended peacefully on all boards.

The Queen’s Gambit with quick exchange of queens leading to an endgame, took place in the clash of the reigning World Champion Anand and his precursor Kramnik. On 13th move Anand refused following Gelfand – Kramnik continuation played at Tal Memorial in Moscow.

Anand claimed for an advantage, but Kramnik managed to solve all the problems raised for Black. On 25th move Anand tried out an exchange sacrifice that wasn’t obligatory, however it turned out to be quite interesting.


After an unexpected sacrifice Kramnik convinced himself that White didn’t lose any chances, so the former world champion decided to answer with a bishop sacrifice on move 30. 


Carlsen (had a bye) made a commentary in the press-centre considering 30...Nd7 31.Nc4 Ba6 32.Nbd6 Bxc4 33.Nxc4 Rdb8!? with a conclusion that Black wasn’t supposed to lose.

However, Anand noted that if Black didn’t sacrifice their piece, White would have had a long-term pressure throughout the game.

Russian’s continuation quickly led to an endgame, according to Kramnik he didn't see specific ways for White to play on the victory in any of the variants he had accurately counted .

Howell - Short has also finished in a draw. At the press-conference Short spoke about his performance at the tournament (he has lost three games) and quite self-critically assumed that he played as an idiot in the first round. He spent a lot of time on analyzing his mistakes against Anand in the fifth round and went on a duel against Howell a bit tired. From Sicilian Defence 2.с3 the game went on Tarrasch variation of French Defence. Howell gained a small advantage (Short was bewared of 17.h4!?), but gradually the game came to equality.

McShane – Nkamura clash ended peacefully. Both competitors fight for the prize-winning places. Nakamura, who celebrated his 24th birthday today, is leading. McShane tried to raise some problems to American using series of sly moves 15.b4!21.Bf1!?; Nakamura managed to solve them and gradually the position was completely simplified. According to Nakamura he was preparing himself to 11.Ne1!? (instead of 11.Rb1), and planned to answer 11...Bd4.

Standings after Round 6:
1. Nakamura - 11 points (out of 6 games)
2-4. Carlsen,  Kramnik and McShane - 9 (5)
5-6. Aronian and Anand - 6 (5)
7. Short - 4 (5)
8-9. Howell and Adams - 3 (6).

Round 7 will take place on Saturday at 18:00 MSK Time.


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