Persistence of London Classics

Время публикации: 05.12.2011 01:36 | Последнее обновление: 05.12.2011 10:16

After two rounds the leaders are Carlsen, Kramnik and Nakamura

The 2nd round of the London Classic finished in a rook endgame that took place in McShane – Carlsen encounter, which, by the way, lasted for seven hours.

Carlsen, who was sole leading after the 1st round, this time faced serious problems. Inaccurate play of Yurtaev system in Spanish Game cost Black a pawn without any tangible compensation for it. 

After a long and hard defence Norwegian managed to hold the game and now shares the lead with Kramnik and Nakamura. Regarding to McShane, as in the first round against Aronian, he again showed a confident play against one of the top-seeded players of the tournament.   


43...Qd8 (bad is 43...Qxb4? 44.Qd7! with an idea 44...Qxd2 45.Qf5+ Kh6 46.Qxf6+ and 47.Rс7+) 44.Nc4 Rxb4 45.Nxd6(45.Qxd6? Rxc4! 46.Qxd8 Rxc1+ 47.Kh2 Bf3 48.Qg8+ - leading to a draw) 45...Rb6 46.Qc2 Qxd6 47.Qxe2 Rxb3 48.Rd1 (after 48.Rc6 Qa3 49.Qd2 appears defensive 49...Rb1+ 50.Kh2 Kg7!), and the struggle continues for another 35 moves. (0.5 - 0.5) 

After two rounds the tournament is led by Carlsen, Kramnik and Nakamura with four points each (the scoring is made in “Bilbao System”). The 3rd round will take place on Monday at 18:00 MSK Time. In a key duel Carlsen will play with White against Nakamura, while Kramnik has a bye. 


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