Tal Memorial: A draw Storm Faded Away

Время публикации: 23.11.2011 23:28 | Последнее обновление: 23.11.2011 23:39

Ivanchuk won over Nakamura

Gelfand – Kramnik, Karjakin – Aronian encounters went in a calm struggle and finished in draws. However, the seventh round of the Tal memorial wasn’t marked by all draws. Vasily Ivanchuk beat Hikaru Nakamura, who was confused from the very opening and was logically defeated in the middlegame. According to Ivanchuk “an aggressive 7.Nb5 hasn’t completely proved its value”. After 9.Bd6 exd4 (which wasn’t chosen by Nakamura) Black would have “a solid compensation for the exchange” – Ivanchuk. White couldn’t get a full, comfortable equality throughout the middlegame, nevertheless Nakamura could have hold the game by an accurate play. 

Kramnik on his game against Gelfand: “In general, White had a small advantage, but Black held the game due to specific details; particularly on 27...Nxe4, otherwise they would have lost. The opening (Bd6, 0-0) – is popular at this tournament, Aronian has already played it against me. As regards to the endgame White had a slight advantage, however Black was sufficiently safe”. 

A Spanish Game with 6.d3 took place in Karjakin – Aronian duel. White had an advantage during the game, but when the position seemed to become equal, as Aronian said, he made an inaccurate 26...c6 giving Karjakin an ability to play 32.Qxb5, which could have made the game double-edged.

Peter Svidler couldn’t convert his advantage against Nepomniachtchi. The first to draw in the seventh round was a clash of Anand – Carlsen.

Check a photo spread by Evgeni Surov and Nikolay Monin.


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