Tal Memorial: Fancy That, All Drawn Again

Время публикации: 22.11.2011 22:47 | Последнее обновление: 22.11.2011 22:47

The sixth round of Tal Memorial was marked by draws on all boards. Carlsen – Svidler, Kramnik – Nakamura both went in an equal struggle.

Peter Svidler’s accurate play not only equalized his chances in Grunfeld Defence, but he also managed to grab some sort of initiative in the middlegame. After 30...Qxf7 Russian, as he said at the press-conference, had a feeling that he “was just about to win”, however, he couldn’t find a way to the victory even if it really existed. 

“I thought I made a very subtle move 36...Qg5, while 37.Nf5 seemed impossible to me… However, when Carlsen played 39.Kh1, I was shocked unpleasantly.

To make things straight, I’m not playing for a win here” – Svidler

Finally Black had to play quite accurately in order to draw the game.

Vladimir Kramnik let his chance to slip after Nakamura’s inaccurate 16th and 17th moves, so that at the end of the game Black had equally good chances. 

The seventh round will be held tomorrow at 15:00.


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