Tal Memorial: Nepomniachtchi Delivering Surprises

Время публикации: 18.11.2011 17:19 | Последнее обновление: 18.11.2011 17:29

Tal Memorial remains a place for surprises delivered by Nepomniachtchi. After three games with a reigning world champion, former world champion and the challenger his result is noteworthy – “plus one”.

According to Jan, who shared his impressions on the game at the press-conference, his intuition is in charge of today’s successful game against Anand. The only thing to mention by the Grandmaster was White’s 11th move – the way it was chosen. Declining less-known 11.exf6, in his opinion, White made Black’s life much easier; nevertheless even in that position, after exchanging queen with three minor pieces, a probable equality could be reached in the case of an accurate play from both sides.  

17…Nc4 would have already been an ambition to grab victory. White’s accurate reaction, however, put it out of Nepomniachtchi’s mind. 


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