Svidler’s ill Fate

Время публикации: 08.11.2011 23:41 | Последнее обновление: 08.11.2011 23:58

Russian Men Team practically lost chances to win ETCC 2011

The important match against the current European champion Azerbaijan, Russian team has lost 1.5-2.5, which means it has meager chances to win European Team Championship (Porto Carras, Greece).

The ill fate is chasing a highly experienced player, the leader of the current Russian team, Peter Svidler in the last team tournaments. Svidler’s loss defined the result of the match as long as other three games finished in draws.  


It’s noteworthy that Russian managed to keep the initiative for a long time.

Even though Radjabov’s break 37…d4 didn’t change the evaluation of the position, still it required Svidler’s précised reaction. Correct was 38. Rc4! which would keep White a small advantage. White has played 38.Rd1? instead and after 38...dxe3+ 39.Ke1 Qf6 40.Rxe3 R8c7! the initiative went to Black. White faced the threat of …Nd5, …Qh4+ (if …b5) in different variants. At the beginning Svidler’s reaction wasn’t bad - 41.Nd3, but after 41…Rc2 he couldn’t keep the position and lost soon after.  

The drawn games of the match went in an equal struggle. An extra pawn won by Nepomnyashchy against Gadir Guseinov could hardly be converted – a rook endgame with three pawns against two on the same flank is not considered as winning.

Watch all games of the match.


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