ETCC: Russia Stands for “Chinese Scenario”

Время публикации: 06.11.2011 23:04 | Последнее обновление: 06.11.2011 23:33

Russia has lost to Bulgaria for the fifth time in recent history. We’ve already reported about the lost games of Karjakin and Morozevich and despite one another success of Nepomniashi, Russia had no chance of recouping the match – Topalov had a decisive advantage against Svidler, nevertheless, Russian had a chance of bringing the game to a draw almost till its end.   

TOPALOV (Bulgaria) - SVIDLER (Russia)

Peter played 52…Kh7 and soon after he capitulated, while 52…Rd6 (or 52…Rh5) could bring the game to a well-known rook endgame (with f and h pawns) in which Black, playing in a proper way, could hold the game.

Veselin Topalov turned a win into a crushing victory (photo by 

As our chess poet Nikolay Monin has stated, Russia stands for the same scenario as it has happened several months ago at the World Championship which took place in China. After four rounds top-seeded have as many team points as individual ones, moreover the results of the matches are the same.

Watch the games of Topalov - Svidler, Nepomniashi - Georgiev



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